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Grand Master Chew

For the past 10 years, Grand Master Chew has helped countless people with matters of the supernatural. The Singapore-based, globe-trotting ghostbuster (or exorcist) is highly sought-after by people from all walks of life seeking spiritual solutions.



Through word-of-mouth, the work has taken Grand Master Chew around the region such as Malaysia, China, Indonesia and the Philippines, to even as far as the United States and Africa.



For the charismatic ghostbuster, the spiritual world is as real as it gets. His first encounter with the alternate realm, where he was cursed with black magic that was subsequently lifted more than a decade ago, became his calling to help people in similar situations. He trained under a Sifu (Master) and he was later anointed with powers by the supreme Taoist deity, The Jade Emperor. In 2004, Grand Master Chew opened The Jade Emperor Temple at Katong Shopping Centre, a sanctuary where many have come to seek divine intervention for their troubles.


Chew, 2014

Grand Master Chew came from a humble background. As a teenager, he worked in the rubber plantation in Malaysia and as an assistant in a coffeeshop to support his family. The hardworking and enterprising Singaporean soon learnt the ropes in welding and subsequently ran an array of businesses in his early and mid-career, which included a welding and labour supplying company, a food stall and a lounge.



As quickly as he amassed wealth, he soon met with failure. Greed, says the 67-year-old Grand Master Chew, is the root of all evil. At the height of his success in running a lounge in Batam, he was hexed to the brink of death. The long episode of misfortunes changed Grand Master Chew’s perspective in life and all-things spiritual.