Master Bao

His passage to becoming a medium was a very unlikely one. As a child in Indonesia, he never believed in God or any of the deities. But now he is well known not only in Tanjong Pinang but also in Bali, Surabaya and Jakarta where his services as an exorcist and a medium are sought after.


of Mercy

Master Bao was extremely reluctant to live the life of a medium, and made a bargain with his affiliate deity, the Goddess of Mercy, that he would do so only until the age of 45, and on the proviso that he did not have to become a vegetarian.For the next decade or so, he became a practising medium in a small wooden hut in the village.





Playing a critical role in Grand Master Chew and Master Chew’s exorcism rites is Ghostbuster’s long-time associate, Master Liang Guo Bao, better known as Master Bao. The Indonesian, who travels regularly to Singapore, has been instrumental in lifting powerful spells and curses cast upon unknowing victims.



Through divine intervention, the unassuming medium channels the powers of the Goddess of Mercy where he speaks and acts the words of the Goddess, who in turns advises Grand Master Chew on the rituals. The highly-respected Master Bao, who has been in the spiritual practice for over three decades, has travelled around the region with Grand Master Chew and Master Chew for their work.