Master Calvin

“AlI my life, I have been a Taoist. This line is very attractive to me because my mother was very religious, so from the time I was very young, I would go with her to the temples she visited. She would also visit mediums, so I was always exposed to this tradition.


His initial desire to become an apprentice was rejected. His petition to The Goddess of Mercy through Master Bao was met with a resounding “no”. “She said I would not be able to take the hardship. I was very disappointed, of course,” he says. However, he continued to persevere in his work with Ghostbuster. “I believe that the Goddess of Mercy tells you things that you need to know, and not the things you would prefer to hear,” he explains




Becoming a feng shui practitioner and an exorcist is an enormous responsibility. He was not yet ready for when he first asked. You can do a lot of things with the power, and at that stage I was not ready for such an important responsibility. In our line of work, we take away the burdens of people. But these burdens do not simply go away: We take over the burdens and cast them away.



Supernatural forces could engage you in battles that could drive you crazy. That is why for some, when their mind is not clear or if their heart is not pure, they could end up with a mental breakdown.