Master Chew

With a calm and composed disposition, the 38-year-old is a keen observer of the turbulent supernatural surroundings. After a four-year long practice in Buddhism and Taoism, Master Chew has in recent years acquired the powerful Dhama eye.


The heir

Master Chew Teck Fatt is the successor of the Great Master Chew Hon Chin. He left his career as a military specialist to follow his father’s footsteps with an aim to continue the latter’s work. And, it was his father’s motto: To save a human life is better than to build a seven-storey pagoda – that inspired him to become an exorcist.



Highly regarded and respected by his clients, Master Chew acquired a vast knowledge in Eastern mysticism from his father who is also his mentor. The father-and-son team travels regularly to various parts of the world, from the United States, China, Africa, Europe and Asia, for their work.


Chew, 2014

With the help of the ritual complements bestowed upon him by the Goddess of Mercy, it allows him to see the source of supernatural elements. Master Chew, who is also a psychic, can visualise the layout of your house without having to visit it.



Master Chew, who speaks English, Mandarin and local dialects, represents today’s new generation of exorcists, and one who is savvy and can relate to Ghostbuster’s growing clientele which comprises young professionals and executives.